End Time Markers Series

After spending over 30 years studying the biblical signs of the end of days, my internal radar went off when I realized we are actually living in the time of Messiah's return! That was in 2017. A new mission was born. Being a writer and producer who senses a call to chronicle how God is working in this generation, my company changed directions.

I was led to develop the Podcast Series "Lessons in the Ladder Days" as well as a line of digital resources to prepare others for the Day of the Lord - which my research shows is just a few years away.

Each monograph title required months and even years of research. In each, I reveal key markers to help you spot the biblical signs we're living through, interpret what's going on, and navigate through these turbulent times with wisdom rather than fear.

Because time is so short, my prayer is that through reading and listening, you will discover the unique place the Father prepared for YOU to serve Him while all this is unfolding.

Click on the topic(s) of interest and see what each includes. There is a one-time fee to download each monograph, priced according to length. PayPal processing fee is included. (Note: Duplication or sharing monographs with others is a violation of the Copyright Law.)