The First Nephilim Invasion

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If this sounds like an ominous title for a monograph, good! If you are unfamiliar with the term "Nephilim" - it is a race of beings that resulted from the sexual union of the rebellious fallen angels and women who lived on the earth.

They produced such horror (Genesis 6) that God brought about a Flood to wipe out every living being with the exception of Noah and his family – eight people whose blood was untainted – and the animals God told him to gather to safety.

The reason we must revisit this historical event is because we are presently undergoing a second major Nephilim invasion but not many people are talking about it. It explains, though, why the world is manifesting such wickedness.

To understand our present reality, we must familiarize ourselves with the backstory.

To prepare for writing this monograph, I researched the early historical records of how the races formed. This monograph will enlighten you and may even frighten you. My desire is, though, is that you be fully prepared for what is coming upon the world. The Lord always warns His children so they will be preserved safe!

Here's Whats Inside:

  • How, why and when did the fallen angels come to earth.
  • The origin of evil spirits.
  • The battle of the seed.
  • Nephilim after the Flood.
  • How Satan uses music to lure the innocent.
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