Teacher | Author | Coach

A different type of navigator

I spent 7 years fulfilling a very challenging call to learn to fly and navigate through clouds. I believe the Lord required this of me to teach me how to lead others through these end of days.

Much of what I learned in my aviation training prepared me to become an End Times Navigator!

Qualified by a lifetime of experience

“As you consider reaching out to me as a teacher, speaker, or coach, I want to give you an overview of my 50+ year career and share a gallery full of memories and projects I’ve poured my life into. If you find common ground and believe I’m someone you’d like to learn from or work with….you’ll know.”

“By the numbers. . .”

  • 60 combined years in creative project management (“hearing the idea” and walking it out)
  • 40+ years as a business consultant
  • 40-year biblical commentator on inspired creativity – recognized internationally as a forward-thinker on innovation
  • Over $6 million invested in time and money on 6 entrepreneurial ventures, field-testing the principles I now teach.
  • 17 years field-testing and walking out my own “Levitical calling”

Candace L. Long, MBA inspires audiences to think differently about their gifts and callings. She is an experienced teacher who is uniquely gifted to bring others to a time of personal and spiritual breakthrough. As a businesswoman who has invested over $6 million in time and money in six ventures over a 40-year period, she’s learned the good…the bad…and the ugly, and thus has a heart for entrepreneurs who have big dreams looking for ways to implement them . . . MORE ABOUT CANDACE

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