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Candace L. Long, MBA inspires audiences to think differently about their gifts and callings. She is an experienced teacher who is uniquely gifted to bring others to a time of personal and spiritual breakthrough. As a businesswoman who has invested over $6 million in time and money in six ventures over a 40-year period, she’s learned the good…the bad…and the ugly, and thus has a heart for entrepreneurs who have big dreams looking for ways to implement them.

A gifted spiritual forecaster, Candace is a seasoned interpreter of the biblical End Times as it unfolds.  She writes and produces an international podcast series called Lessons in the Ladder Days which airs on radio stations in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Candace is also an ordained Marketplace Minister who has been teaching and discipling women since 2004.  She has chronicled the rise of women of color for three decades and memorialized what she has observed in two books: The Levitical Calling and Letters to Aleeyah: A Personal Journey of Generational Healing.  Toward this end, she trains and mentors women who are ready to step into their destined places of leadership.

She served as president of the National League of American Pen Women [NLAPW], the nation’s oldest organization for creative women; Vice-Chair of Women in Film & Television International; and served on the Georgia Film, TV and Music Advisory Commission. A prolific writer and composer, Candace has written two theatrical musicals, six screenplays, twenty-seven articles, and five books.

She was honored as a 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Finalist for her most recent title, The Ancient Path to Creativity and Innovation: Where Left and Right Brains Meet, which was also accepted by the National Museum for Women in the Arts Library in Washington D.C. In 2020, one of her compositions won 1st Place in the NLAPW Vinnie Ream Competition. This is the NLAPW’s highest award given to that year’s top Artist, Writer and Composer. Her two music albums – auDEO and Meditation – are available on Spotify and iTunes.

Currently, Candace runs her publishing company, auDEO Media Group which produces online resources to prepare others for these End Times. She has one son and makes her home in the North Georgia mountains.



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