Candace Long, End Times Navigator

Imparting what I have learned to those who want to learn is one of my highest priorities.  As a visual teacher, I spend time producing visual and graphic elements to communicate God’s incredible ways.  If you have spent time listening to me teach through podcasts, the teaching dimension of my calling will take you deeper.

What Students Have Said:

“I thought Navigating the End Times was just an eschatology class….but it was so much more. I learned how to identify my calling and purpose and understand now what God put in me for His Kingdom.”

“I have truly been activated by these assignments. Navigating the End Times helped me “name my seed” and take it to a whole other level!”

“Your suggestion on amending this last assignment was brilliant. I was not thinking about what I’m doing from that perspective. What an outstanding idea! I can’t wait to dive into it!”

“Your teachings have been phenomenal. I’m learning so much all at once I can’t even explain how my relationship with the Lord has deepened. So many pastors are afraid to teach the things you are teaching about what’s happening. Thank you!”

“I was blown away by this course.  You helped me understand what I have sensed for so long but had no words to explain it.”

“If your job was to stir the pot and wake people up, you have certainly accomplished that for me! The assignments brought out what I have needed to take ownership of for quite some time. I pray I have the courage to walk it out from here!”

Ways To Learn From Me

Instructional Videos

You can download either an entire course or simply a single module and learn at your own pace.


I let subscribers know whenever I’m offering an online webinar or a course so you can sign up if you wish.

Invite me to speak.

Tell me about your group and provide your contact information. I will reach out and discuss ways we can partner to meet your instructional needs and prepare your group for their Kingdom assignment. I will follow up with a proposal outlining options to choose from.


Personal Calling

People want to know what God put them on earth to do and what they should be busy with now before His return for us.  A popular topic: How God Speaks Through Dreams.


Levitical Development

These topics are for those who know God has called them deeper but want to know how to walk out this calling in such an evil world. An example is What Is A Levitical Calling, and How Do I Know I Am Called?


Idea Shepherding

These topics are for those I call creatives – who are blessed with active imaginations and challenged with so many ideas they don’t know where to begin. Ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to complete something God has put in their heart but has trouble actually walking it out. A popular topic: The Difference Between A Good Idea and A God Idea.


End Time Markers

I am most sought after in this area – God’s people are hungry for a deeply researched biblical understanding of the times we are living in…how to see as God sees…and how to connect with our Jewish roots. Two foundational teachings are: The 7-Day Plan of God and How Close Are We To The Kingdom?.