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Meet Candace Long

Gifted people face unique and difficult challenges finding their voice,
defining their purpose, and living the life God has destined for them.

I’m Candace Long, and I am here to help guide you
to personal and spiritual breakthrough.

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I am the founder of auDEO Media Group, LLC whose mission is to write and produce multimedia resources that help you make sense of the times we’re living in and find your place in it. A 40-year writer and business consultant, I served as president of the National League of American Pen Women (the nation’s oldest organization for creative women) and Vice-Chair of Women in Film and Television International.

I have been a biblical chronicler since 1990 – interpreting the “end of days” as it unfolds. Because it is unfolding so quickly, it has never been more important for you to discover what you were put on earth to do and walk it out.

Let’s get started!


This website marks a major shift in my life’s work because we are living in such turbulent, biblically relevant times. Many are sensing an urgency that this is their time to operate fully in their calling but don’t know how or where to begin.

Learn more about me at MEET CANDACE and see if I’m speaking your language. The Speaking tab will give you an idea of topics, workshops and events available to you (on site or online). The Training and Resources pages provide self-guided learning such as webinars, courses, books, podcasts and downloadable monographs (i.e., white papers). Let’s create the right learning environment to help get you where God wants you to be!

Lessons in the
ladder days

I’ve been studying the signs of the very end of days for over 30 years. In each episode, I offer biblical commentary to make sense of the times we’re living in. These are not normal times. They are historic…and biblical. With the mainstream media not giving us answers…and being inundated with disinformation, we desperately need God’s wisdom to navigate well this part of the journey.