OVERVIEW OF THIS PODCAST SERIES “Lessons in the Ladder Days”

I’ve been studying the signs of the very end of days for over 30 years. Each episode (i.e., podcast) represents months and even years of research offering thought-provoking, non-denominational programming on current events in light of God’s biblical timetable.  These are not normal times.  They are historic…and biblical.  With the mainstream media not giving us answers, and being inundated with disinformation, we desperately need God’s wisdom to navigate well this part of the journey.

We are living amidst a paradigm shift:  from the Church Age to the Kingdom Age…and most Christians are disoriented.  My calling is to help you navigate safely to the Kingdom and find your destined place in it.  

Our show airs on radio stations in Georgia and the Carolinas and the podcasts are being downloaded all over the world.  Click the icon below to read about our amazing journey into radio broadcasting:

Each episode contains:

  1. Actual signs (or clues) that place us right before the thousand-year period known as the Day of the Lord or the Messianic Kingdom.
  2. Lessons on what the particular sign means for us today in getting ready.