Being a “creator” of concepts, ideas and business strategies, I am very sensitive to provide an atmosphere of confidentiality, especially when it would not be wise to discuss ideas or intellectual property in a group setting. Therefore, I offer these levels of coaching.

Get the Personal Feedback You Need


Free 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

If you are working on a book or a project and looking for some general feedback, I offer FREE 30-minute live 1-on-1 coaching sessions.  With these sessions, you are under no obligation to purchase anything.  I’m simply carving out a little time each week to listen to what you’re working on and offer ways I could be of help.

60-Minute Consulting Session

Here are some ways I’m often called upon to help:

  1. Help you clarify your calling or project.
  2. Give you feedback on a manuscript or business proposal.
  3. Identify any problems with your branding or messaging.
  4. Help you develop a realistic action plan.
  5. Help you flesh out what you really want to do.

This session is $150.  If additional hours are required, I will send you a discounted consulting proposal for your consideration. Please do not share any proprietary ideas until I ask to see something!  Thanks for contacting me!