Being a “creator” of concepts, ideas and business strategies, I am very sensitive to provide an atmosphere of confidentiality, especially when it would not be wise to discuss ideas or intellectual property in a group setting. Therefore, I offer two levels of coaching.

Get the Personal Feedback You Need


Group Coaching

From time to time,

I offer online coaching on topics such as:

  1. Unlocking your dreams
  2. Developing a God idea
  3. Discovering what God created you to do
  4. Packaging yourself and your business or ministry for a successful launch
  5. Understanding why your spiritual journey has been so hard

NOTE: These sessions will involve online training, written assignments and personal feedback. If you are interested in a particular topic, another one altogether, or want to be notified of upcoming sessions, click below.

Free 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

If you are working on a book or a project and looking for some general feedback, I offer FREE 30-minute live 1-on-1 coaching sessions.  With these sessions, you are under no obligation to purchase anything.  I’m simply carving out a little time each week to listen to what you’re working on and offer ways I could be of help.

Customized Coaching Session

Here are some ways I’m often called upon as a consultant.  I can help you:

  1. Develop a business plan.
  2. Identify new revenue streams
  3. Build your brand.
  4. Pitch your idea to management or investors.
  5. Package your personal or corporate legacy.
  6. Find your calling and where to go from here.

Consulting fees will vary depending upon the complexity of your project.  Please do not share any proprietary ideas until I ask to see something!  Thanks for contacting me!