A Personal Journey of Generational Healing

by Candace L. Long, MBA

Letters to Aleeyah was inspired by a prophetic dream in which author Candace Long heard the plea of a woman she named Aleeyah asking for her help in writing up a contract for the custody of her children. The dream captured her heart. After intense research lasting two years, she dedicated the book to her sisters of color who verbalize their struggle with issues that appear to block them and their children from being fully set free.

What you’ll learn is for all races:

  • The important calling for people of color in the Last Days.
  • Why Blacks & Jews have uniquely suffered and the mysterious parallel between them.
  • How generational healing can release the Abrahamic blessings within your family line.
  • How the enemy is using music and the arts to spew defilement inside the Church.
  • How to recognize and overcome defilement and the sexual assault on God’s people.

Christian Living and Personal Growth / February 2018

auDEO Publications / 205 pages

ISBN 978-0-9788322-6-1

E-book $9.75

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by Candace L. Long, MBA

The Levitical Calling is a groundbreaking book that sheds light on why some people are going through terrible trials and are no longer content with “church as usual.” Chances are, they are being called, refined, separated and consecrated for this most holy assignment.

God chose the Old Testament Levites to live closest to His presence. But before He could dwell in their midst, they had to endure a time of refining not required of the other tribes. Just as God called the Levites then, He is now calling a new Levitical people to prepare for His return.

If you are so called, The Levitical Calling teaches you how to navigate your “wilderness” and view the refining fire in a new light. You will rejoice once you see the destiny He has for you.

Christian Life and Spiritual Growth / August 2018

auDEO Publications / 241 pages

ISBN 978-0-9991534-3-7

E-book $7.68

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Where Left and Right Brains Meet

by Candace L. Long, MBA

The Ancient Path to Creativity and Innovation is an inside look into the business experiences of a 40-year creative who, like other creatives, “hears” inspired ideas. It expounds the original Hebraic meaning of creativity and the startling implications of how we can discover what we were created to do.

Candace L. Long is recognized as one of today’s thought leaders on inspired creativity and was honored as a 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Finalist for The Ancient Path. The book – a compilation of over 40 years learning how to survive the creative’s journey – was also accepted by the National Museum for Women in the Arts Library in Washington D.C.

Business and Creativity / October 2017

auDEO Publications / 184 pages

ISBN 978-0-9991534-0-6

E-book $7.68

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(Study Guide)

by Candace L. Long, MBA

This study guide is used in conjunction with Letters to Aleeyah: A Personal Journey of Generational Healing. The guide is organized according to the book’s table of contents with questions designed to stir up dialogue, hurts and/or memories that call for personal ministry, however God may lead. The facilitator is free to choose how much material and/or which question(s) to cover in each small group session.

Christian Living and Personal Growth / November 2018

auDEO Publications / 60 pages

ISBN 978-0-9991534-6-8

Study Guide $6.65


How to Discover, Develop, and Use Your God-Given Gift

by Candace L. Long, MBA

Wired For Creativity was Candace Long’s first book, written in 2004. After suffering the financial failure of an “inspired idea,” Long spent the next three years in a self-imposed wilderness seeking God for answers on how to survive the creative journey. What she learned there changed her life. She reveals the discovery of two truths written thousands of years ago: 1) We are created to be creative…genetically ”wired” to hear and receive inspiration, ideas, illumination, solutions, concepts, music, art, and theories; 2) We are each created for a unique and distinct purpose.

Personal Growth / 2004

Evergreen Press / 152 pages

ISBN 1-58169-158-0

E-book $7.68