The Nephilim-UFO Connection

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This monograph includes resource material very few are talking about – especially in providing timely biblical commentary to what is a very troubling topic. The two are intimately related: UFO's and the Nephilim. I hope to provide insights for you that you have not heard anywhere else. Most importantly, I will provide my source material so that you can examine the evidence and discern the issue for yourself.

I have been studying the end of days from a biblical perspective for over 30 years. What I include in this monograph is critical information I believe you need to know – not only to survive the difficult days ahead…but to thrive!

Here's what's inside:

  • How We Opened the Door
  • Where the Aliens Come From
  • The Parallel Race Theory - Is it Biblical?
  • What Are the UFO's
  • How Will Their Presence Affect Us?
  • Where Is God in All This?
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