TRANSGENDERISM: A Multi-Layered Sign of the Latter Days

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(NOTE: This is an expanded 24-page monograph containing transcripts of the 4-part Transgenderism podcast series, including important graphics and pictures that make the relevance of this topic come alive.)

Frankly, this was not a topic I thought I would ever write about – but the Lord has been pouring out so much biblical perspective on this issue that I knew this was my next assignment. What God is saying to us through the rise of transgenderism is vitally important, especially to those who are followers of Jesus.

Though transgenders make up only a small percentage of the population, the biblical sign is found in its unprecedented growth. We have to ask: Why has this come about? Why now? What are its implications? How is it a sign of the Latter Days?

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to see a cultural shockwave like Transgenderism through a biblical lens.
  • How to understand God's metaphorical language. (Your right brain will be stretched!)
  • What is transgenderism and how it manifests.
  • The biblical causes and paths to healing for families in crisis.
  • God's transgender prophet and what God gave him to say.
  • The plot to transgenderize Jesus.
  • How to recognize Messiah when He comes.

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