Beware the Religious Spirits

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(Third in a 3-part series – with Mixed Seed: As It Was In The Days of Noah and How To Spot The Decoys In Your Midst.)

Through various dreams over a seven-year period, God revealed that many believers are becoming "decoys." Decoys look like and sound like people you know – possibly someone in your inner circle…but the light has gone out inside of them. The unclean spirit that is causing havoc in churches and creating decoys are called Religious Spirits…only there is absolutely nothing "religious" about this spirit. It is a demon. It can talk about Jesus, pray and preach like a believer, but is false at its core.

The invasion of religious spirits into churches is part of an insidious strategy by the enemy to defile and destroy believers.

You will see how this movement is fulfilling a prophecy the Apostle Paul warned us would come when we reach the very end of times before Jesus returns.

Here's what's inside:

  • What Are Religious Spirits?
  • How Do We Recognize Them?
  • Who Are Most Susceptible To Them?
  • How Do We Deal With Our "Levitical Antennas"?
  • Why Are These Spirits Increasing?
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