The Climate Change Movement: THE FINAL KINGDOM

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(NOTE: This is an expanded 31-page monograph containing transcripts of the 5-part Climate Change podcast series, including important graphics and pictures that make the relevance of this topic come alive.)

This series has taken many months to develop. It will give you biblical and historical background to explain what you need to know about the dangers to believers and how you and your family can navigate safely through this minefield.

Here's what's inside:

  • Why This Movement is the Final Kingdom foretold by the prophet Daniel.
  • The 60-Year Old Warnings and How They Are Being Fulfilled Now.
  • The Year America Almost Lost Its Sovereignty.
  • The Charismatic Leader Operating Behind The Scenes.
  • The Rise of the Patriarch of Rome Fulfilling a 3800-Year Old Prophecy.
  • The 7 Biblical Violations in Our Global Food Supply.
  • Warnings to Christian CEOs and investors.
  • The 3 Eras of Biblical History Showing Us What Is To Come.
  • A Movement Led By Messianic Rabbis Showing How Believers Could Be Deceived.
  • The 7 Movements That Will Trigger The Day of the Lord.

(Note: Unauthorized sharing of this PDF with others is a violation of the copyright law.)

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