Uncovering The Ancient Snare

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(NOTE: This 35-page monograph contains the transcripts of the 6-part Ancient Snare podcast series, including important graphics and charts that make the this topic come alive.)

This series has taken many months to develop. It was inspired by a recent Torah study in Deuteronomy concerning God's final warning before His people entered the Kingdom. The more I studied, the more relevant this series became. God was warning His people THEN what we would be facing at the very end of days before the Messianic Kingdom.

Here's what's inside:

  • The identification of God's eternal enemy and how his bloodline has shown up throughout biblical history - always with the same intent: to destroy the Jewish people.
  • Tracing this bloodline through Persia (during Esther's time) all the way through Nazi Germany - teaching important lessons on what Israel did to open the door to annihilation, and what we need to be careful of today.
  • How Israel's present war is traced to this very same bloodline and lessons we can draw as to what to expect in the days ahead.
  • How this snare has entrapped billions in our day - fulfilling a 2500-year old prophecy from the book of Daniel.
  • What you can do to release yourself from the snare if you or loved ones have fallen into it.
  • Key markers to watch regarding political alliances between Israel and descendants of Amalek.
  • Brand new graphics that show how close we may be to the Rapture.

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