Warnings and Lessons From Our Patriarchs

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When I was researching the experiences of our early spiritual forefathers – such as Adam, Seth, Enoch, Jared, Methuselah, and Noah – I was overwhelmed by the types of spiritual battles they faced. The wiles of Satan were so similar to the tactics he uses on us today. His nature never changes.

Learning from their failings and successes proved life changing. Jesus said the times right before He returns will be "as it was in the days of Noah." I wanted to share with you the understanding of just what Noah's days were like. We need all the preparation we can get on how to deal with what's coming.

Here's What's Inside:

  • How our patriarchs learned the ways of the Lord.
  • The roots of the “days of Noah,” a key marker Jesus gave us to understand the End Times.
  • Lessons God gave us through our forefathers to help protect our children from destruction in this evil day.
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