Where Are We on God’s Timetable?

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For many years now I have been connecting to my Jewish roots. Christians keep forgetting that we are not the root. Rather we have been grafted into thousands of years of understanding of God's ways…Judaism, a series of pictures that teach us about God, points us to Messiah and prepares us for the Kingdom.

Sadly, most churches focus almost exclusively on the New Testament as if God doesn't need us to look at that part of the Bible anymore.

Nothing could be further from that "truth."

I have always loved the Old Testament! One of the greatest revelations has been the understanding of God's timetable.

He wants us to understand what's going on but to see the present within His "big picture." He does not want us to fear what's coming but to know the times and seasons.

With this monograph, I want to help you SEE as God sees. I believe it will blow you away!

Here's What's Inside:

  • Learn to see as God sees.
  • The Hebraic understanding of God's timetable.
  • What is the Kingdom?
  • The biblical picture that shows how close we are until Messiah comes.
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