How To Spot The Decoys In Your Midst

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(Part #2 of a 3-Part Series – with Mixed Seed: As It Was In The Days of Noah and Beware The Religious Spirits)

This has been one of the most difficult monographs I have ever been entrusted to write. In seven years, I have been shown twelve different dreams all warning about the same insidious strategy – namely, that decoys (impostors, pretenders) are living among us. They look like the person we thought we knew…talk like them…but the core personality has been displaced by unclean spirits.

This monograph uncovers a subtle End Times ploy by the enemy to build his army for the Battle of Armageddon and try to defile and destroy as many believers as possible before his time runs out.

Here's what's inside:

  • The Nature of a Decoy and How It Manifests.
  • The Unclean Spirit That Opens the Door for Others.
  • How A Person Becomes a Decoy.
  • How To Keep from Becoming One.
  • What If We Suspect Someone Close To Us Is A Decoy?
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