Levitical Development Series

This series is for those who are being "called deeper" in their relationship with God and want to understand what this means. This series is very special to me, for it has taken 17 years to walk out this calling and understand why the Lord calls some differently than others. It is not that He loves some more than others. It is simply that their calling of service is different and with them, the Father requires a greater level of consecration. Think of it this way: In the same way that not every Jew was a Levite…not every Christian has a Levitical calling.

If your life has been particularly difficult and you have had to endure many tests and trials, chances are He is calling you to live closest to His Presence, to equip you for a specific purpose.

Sadly, many believe there are no Levites today. Not only is this biblically incorrect...but Levites especially need to be identified now and trained to prepare others for His coming.

In the last chapter of Isaiah, you will read how Messiah will examine the Jews and Gentiles who survive the 7-year Birthpangs (Tribulation) and appoint some of them as Priests and Levites! You see, He must have a Levitical people and is reaching out to those He is calling today!

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