God’s Call to Heal His Women

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These people groups are targeted for destruction because of the high calling God has for them now: 1) Jews; 2) Blacks; 3) Women; and 4) Creatives (those wired to hear from God). So…if you're a woman of color who hears from God, wow…you have gone through some hard stuff!

I have too.

The motivation for this monograph was a 30-day period of intense sobbing. I had no idea what was happening because I wasn't particularly depressed. And yet I was somehow tapped into a realm of inexplicable sorrow. I asked, "Lord, what's going on?"

Insight came as two friends, independently of each other, said something profound. One heard the Lord say, "You will do anything to keep from having feelings!" A second one confided, "I know there's a wall somewhere…I can feel it but I am powerless to remove it."

Walls. I understand them well.

God wants to give us the keys to being "women of God" who can feel deeply and not be destroyed.

Here's What's Inside:

  • The poisonous roots of our female ancestors.
  • The keys to becoming a woman of God.
  • Case history of a personal turnaround.
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