JEWISH ROOTS: God's Call To Reconnect

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There has been a tremendous shift as we approach the coming Kingdom. God is moving us from the "Church Age" to the "Kingdom Age" which has produced a new stirring inside believers to reconnect with our Jewish roots. This shift is God's doing, fulfilling an important prophecy from Malachi 4 where the "spirit of Elijah" is being released for this very purpose.

If you are sensing this shift and want to be grafted further into the rich olive tree the Apostle Paul discussed in Romans 11, this monograph is for you. My spiritual life changed dramatically when I made the decision to reconnect. I am more prepared for the Kingdom than I've ever been and am anxious to share what I have learned.

Here's what's inside:

  • The Spirit of Elijah
  • Why Christianity Split From Judaism
  • The Most Misunderstood and Mistranslated Word in the Bible
  • Examination of the Body of Christ
  • Ways To Reconnect With Our Jewish Roots
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