Levitical Response to Pandemics

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In light of the global pandemic, I created this monograph from my book, The Levitical Calling, in order to highlight the unique duties and responsibilities we should be doing now during these very dark days in our nation's history.

When the pandemic hit, my first thought was, "Lord, this is the time for Your Levites to step into action and do what You've been training us to do!"

Just as He separated a Levitical people to be trained to serve Him when the Hebrews came out of slavery, He is doing so today – from every nation and every walk of life. I remember one day I received an email from a young woman in South Africa. She wrote, "I was praying one day and heard the word 'levitical' in my spirit. I had no idea what it meant and typed the word into my search engine. I found your book, The Levitical Calling. It changed my life, for I know that I am being called to serve Him in this way." God is the One doing the calling…not me. I'm merely the writer who has heard the call and I'm memorializing this new movement as best I know how.

The Lord is preparing a small percentage of disciples to serve Him differently as we get closer to the Kingdom, when once again, He will dwell in our midst!

This monograph is not for everyone, so don't worry about it if doesn't resonate. But if you know you have survived being tried, tested, and broken and found Him to be completely faithful, then you will likely be drawn to understand what this calling is all about.

The Levitical template is a paradigm that has come alive today with new meaning…for God's heart is to protect His children and minister to them amidst a backdrop of a nation under judgment.

Here's What's Inside:

  • Model fear of the Lord.
  • Interpret the Word of God amidst cultural crisis.
  • Protect people from the wrath of God.
  • Get in the trenches and serve others despite danger to yourself.
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