This series deals with how you can know what you were created to be including self-discovery insights aimed at excavating your gifts, talents, strengths and motivational patterns.

How surreal to introduce my very first blog at the onset of a worldwide crisis! 

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I Have Been Silent

Since relocating to the North Georgia mountains from DC in 2016, I’ve been diligently seeking God on how to spend my latter years.  When clarity came, I began working to articulate what He wants me to pass down before I pass on. 

In the last two years I’ve rebranded myself, built a new website, created an online training model, and written and produced digital resources to help make sense of the times we’re living in and encourage others on their journeys…and now this!

As I sat down to write, I asked, “Lord, what can I say to those whose entire lives as they knew it seem to be passing before their eyes with the threat of this coronavirus?” 

His answer: “You’ve been here.  Nineteen years ago…when 9/11 pulled the rug out from under you and destroyed everything you were working on.  You know how they feel.  Comfort them.  Assure them that I am here for them just like I was for you.”

Click the photo for a 3-minute overview of my personal sense of calling at this unprecedented time in history.

Meeting God in the Wilderness

Had it not been for 9/11 and losing almost everything, I would never have learned any of the wisdom God desired to teach me over these last nineteen years, for I was too full of myself and all my plans to stop and listen.  

In these blogs, I will be sharing things I learned when my plans intersected with God’s purposes.  This wisdom is life-changing.  But it is only found in the wilderness…in territory that is unfamiliar…with no paved roads and no signposts saying how much farther you have to go to get out.  But know this…

God Has A Purpose for Your Wilderness

In the wake of a global pandemic, remember that God still has a purpose for your life!  He said, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)

No matter what you are facing right now, God’s purpose for you is right in the middle of it.  Your calling hasn’t been postponed until we all get through this.  No!  This crisis is part of your purpose.   I believe this time of “social distancing” is an opportunity for valuable self-reflection.  So please, take time and get off by yourself…and above all, be still before Him.  

Please accept my gift: The 3 Keys That Unlock Your Destiny as a way to encourage you on this part of your journey. 

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Stay well, be strong, fear not…and know that you are loved by the Father!


I’ve been a cultural reformer through the arts since 1970 – as a writer, composer, producer, publisher, business consultant, marketplace minister and arts leader. At this stage in life, I want to share with others the keys that shifted me from a “career” to a “calling”.




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