The 3 Keys That Unlock Your Destiny

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When I was so horribly broken (financially, emotionally and spiritually) during the 9/11 crisis, I pulled away from everything in order to seek God as never before. I refused to leave Him alone until He revealed why He allowed my life to be crushed when I was doing what He had called me to do.

What I learned in those three years changed my life. This one monograph is packed with incredible wisdom I paid a heavy price to learn – mysteries that can change your life. It is my FREE gift to you.

They say we only value something we pay for. Though this PDF comes with no strings…I must admit I do have a huge expectation that those who take the time to download it will be as forever changed as I was…and will pass it forward.

Here's What's Inside:

  • The universal question everyone has.
  • The law of the seed.
  • Clues to naming your seed.
  • Discover your motivational pattern.
  • The law of applied faith.
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