What Is Creativity?

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Did you know that creativity is the leading (#1) attribute that Fortune 500 companies look for in their leaders? Did you also know that the group of people who inherently posses this gifting the most are spiritually minded women? Did you also know that the USA loses over $360 billion every year in failed innovations simply because they do not understand the difference between a "good" idea and an "inspired" one?

One of my life's goals has been to teach people the true meaning of creativity, from the Creator's perspective.

In this monograph, I try to answer questions I hear all the time, like How can I become more creative? and Are there ways I can grow in this ability?

Here's What's Inside:

  • A test that shows how genetically wired you are for creativity.
  • The 5 DNA markers of the creative process..
  • Common abuses and how to avoid them
  • Why some people get all the best ideas.
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