Session #6: Retrospective (Lessons & Forecasts)

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If any one teaching encompasses my 50+ year walk with the Lord, it is this one. It has taken a lifetime to learn some incredible lessons. Not many are inclined to take this journey. But if you are…then I am called to pass on these lessons to you.

What I Share:

  • The difficult things I struggled with and how I made it through the obstacles.
  • How I learned what my unique calling is and when I began to fully walk in it.
  • When I knew He was finally "commissioning" me to higher levels of responsibility.
  • How He took my gifts to a whole new level.
  • The blow-back I got from others who were threatened and how I learned to handle this transition.

If you are struggling to understand just where you fit in and how to make survive what feels like an endless "bootcamp," this session will speak to you. It takes all the lessons learned from earlier episodes and applies them in real-world experiences. You'll learn how God trains a "Royal Guard" who hears Him clearly and whom He can trust to carry out challenging end-time assignments. If you have a desire for a truly worthy calling, all you need is a willingness to learn.

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