Session #4: NAME YOUR SEED

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You cannot proceed on your self-discovery journey until you complete this step. It is that important! Please know that you don't have to have total certainty about yourself at this point, but you have to come to the point where you say, "Oh, I think I'm beginning to see who I am in my core." It is that beginning aha moment when everything will change for you. I want to lead you to this point.


  • An example of how God used a dream to speak to me about my calling.
  • Three more laws concerning the seed's journey. In other words, what happens when you finally "name your seed."
  • I share a lot of my own journey, in pictures, so you can learn to spot the threads of calling in my life. Then you'll better be able to apply these same principles to find the threads in yours.
  • How your "seed" speaks to you 24/7.
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