Session #3: The Levitical Disciplines

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This particular session includes three important foundational sections:

  1. Your Levitical Power
  2. The Levitical Disciplines: I will share my personal disciplines to become more aligned with our Jewish roots, including study tools and methodology for digging into the Hebrew meaning of words and concepts that most Christians do not know how to do.
  3. Lessons from the Levitical Encampment: You will also be introduced to what the Levitical calling is and how God is working to identify those He is inviting to dwell closest to His presence. Do you have this calling? If so, what does that really mean for living day to day? You will be amazed to see how He has been testing you, vetting you and refining you for what promises to be a most holy assignment in preparation for His coming!

You are strongly encouraged to read the foundational book, The Levitical Calling, as this course builds upon the book's foundation.

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