Creatives: Wired To Hear Ideas

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This monograph describes the uniqueness of a group of people I call "Creatives." We are genetically wired to "hear" things other people don't hear. That sounds like a great thing, right? Surely companies are clamoring to find such people, to bring inspired ideas into the innovation pipeline, right? Wrong!

Creatives usually represent 1% - 5% of the population and are typically misunderstood, dismissed as irrelevant, invalidated, and cruelly treated by people who only value "data" and market research rather that listen to some looney toon who "knows" she has just experienced an inspired download that has the ability to solve whatever problem we are facing.

The internal war that's really going on is between the right side and the left side of the brain. Corporate leaders are largely left-brained…whereas this marvelous gift to "hear inspired ideas" is largely found in right-brained women!

I've spent my entire life seeking to understand this gifting and how to walk freely in it.

Here's What's Inside:

  • Why women see things differently.
  • Left-brain or right-brain and why it matters.
  • Examples of inspired downloads.
  • 6 principles to grow your creative ability.
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