Good Ideas vs. Inspired Ideas

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I've been a "creative" all my life – most of it spent trying to understand the gifting without self-destructing. You see, creatives are genetically wired to "hear ideas." That means we are gifted to "hear" ideas…24/7! The challenge is trying to manage them all!

The biggest challenge creatives have is somehow distinguishing between the ideas they "see" or "hear." Which is the one I need to be working on now? How on earth do I earn a living when all of them are calling out for my attention?

In this monograph I'll share lessons I've learned over the last 4 decades in how to birth and manage inspired ideas.

Here's Whats Inside:

  • The origin of ideas.
  • The anatomy of an inspired download.
  • How much companies lose with uninspired ideas.
  • Lessons from early business greats.
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