OVERVIEW OF THIS PODCAST SERIES “Lessons in the Ladder Days”

I am often referred to as an “End Times Navigator” who has been studying the biblical signs of the very end of days for over 30 years. When I realized we are actually living in these times, I began this radio show/podcast series on my hometown radio station in Georgia and the podcasts are now miraculously reaching listeners all over the world.  Each program (i.e., podcast) represents months and even years of research offering thought-provoking, non-denominational programming on current events in light of God’s biblical timetable.  Each may be part of a series, but you have access to all of my programs by clicking where it says, “Listen To The Podcasts.”

These are not normal times.  They are historic…and biblical.  With the mainstream media not giving us answers, and being inundated with disinformation, we desperately need God’s wisdom to navigate well this part of the journey.

At the core of my teaching is that we are living in the midst of a paradigm shift:  from the Church Age. . . to the Kingdom Age.  No one has ever walked this way before, which is why many Christians are disoriented.  My programs seek to teach foundational principles from our Jewish forefathers that provide great insight.  My desire is to help you navigate safely to the Kingdom and find your destined place in it.  

Since 2021, our show has aired on radio stations in Georgia and the Carolinas and we are presently expanding into Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Cleveland, Columbus and Tampa.  I invite you to click the icon below and read about the amazing journey the Lord has led us into radio broadcasting!

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