If you need a speaker for your event, make sure I am the right fit for you. I am not a gangbusters, side-splitting show stopper. My style is laid back, down-to-earth and personal. I share stories which are applicable to where the people are in their journeys.

What Others Are Saying

“Candace Long is an anointed woman of God. She is multi-gifted and an amazing talent. Her unique call to minister destiny to people of color, especially black women, resonated very well and opened their understanding to their unique gifts, calling and anointing. I use her book, “The Levitical Calling”, as part of my curriculum. The dream interpretation session really helped the “seers, visionaries and dreamers” understand what God is saying to them in dreams. As Father is creating new paradigms for Kingdom advancement, Candace’s message definitely meets the moment. I recommend this ministry to others whose members are people of color.”
Dr. James Brewton, Senior Pastor
Community Empowerment Ministries (Claxton, GA)

“Candace Long is an amazing educator and inspirational speaker! She presented a Master Class for authors on “Good Ideas vs. Inspired Ideas” and received the highest praise. Candace combines her thorough research with her boots-on-the-ground experience to share some wonderful insights about the creative process. My authors left the session feeling inspired and renewed!”
Cathy Fyock
The Business Book Strategist

“I am recommending your books to my prayer students, because they are so relevant for intercessors and worship dancers. Your research, and the knowledge, wisdom and revelation you share has given me renewed strength to get back out there and fight to fulfill my prophetic destiny.”
Karen Gardner, President/Director
Pure Freedom Ministries Int’l, Pure Freedom Alaska Dance School

“The Six Stages from a Career to a Calling workshop was one of the finest, most candid presentations I’ve ever heard. What I liked best about it was your sincerity.”
NLAPW Biennial Conference Attendee (Des Moines)

“Candace, you are a vital KEY to Black folk taking our place in the end times.  I really don’t know if you realize how important your role is to the plan of God.  You’re a secret weapon.” 
Isabelle B. Jones (Ed.S), Founder,
Masada, Inc., Georgia Educator

I am re-reading “Letters to Aleeyah” as if I am reading it for the first time. I haven’t been able to put it down. It has been the answer to so many prayers and confirmation for so many many things.”
Dr. Laurene Walker-Blake, Founder
Namyanka Performing Arts Training Center (Baltimore)



What Others Are Saying (continued)

  • “Perhaps no one on the planet has spent more years thinking, researching, and writing as it relates to tapping into our creative and innovative genius.”
    Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow
    Authors and Social Reformers
  • “Encountering Candace Long soon after the turn of the century was a rewiring experience. God used her to define and activate me as a creative and the gifts keep flowing.”
    Dr. Alveda C. King
    American Activist and Evangelist
  • “I desperately needed the inner healing at the conference. Everything you said resonated in my heart and spirit. I was deeply touched.”
    Miriam P. (MD)
  • “I personally witnessed many lightbulb moments and much divine impartation and illumination. Candace is anointed to excavate into the very marrow of our spirits and speaks out of a wealth of experience and knowledge of God’s Word. The women were reset, restored and set free. The conference exceeded expectations!”
    Minister Mary Buchanan, President
    Women With a Call International (MD-PA)

“Candace Long’s journey is remarkable. She is genuine, qualified, and humble. Few people I know are so transparent.”
Bob Borcherdt, President
In2Great (Toledo)

  • “The Levitical Calling” is a goldmine of wisdom and direction that I still, and probably will always, use as a training manual to walk with the Lord. You have no idea how that opened a portal to heaven  for me.”                                                         Catherine P. (OH)
  • “Candace Is a talented communicator with a 40-year proven track record who provides insights and clarity to unlocking the creative genius in both individuals and organizations. Her methods to develop your “inspired ideas” are timeless and will invariably produce significant returns on your investment.”
    Will Meier, Founder
    Coaching for Impact