If you need a speaker for your event, make sure I am the right fit for you. I am not a gangbusters, side-splitting show stopper. My style is laid back, down-to-earth and personal. I share stories which are applicable to where the people are in their journeys.

My talks and online teaching often help people excavate memories and provide aha moments that lead them to personal and spiritual breakthrough.


Popular Topics

online and in person

Understand the Creative Gifting

The 6 Stages from a Career to a Calling

The Levitical Calling – Are You Called Deeper?

Hebraic Keys To Unlock Dreams

Package Yourself to a Successful Launch

How to Birth & Manage Inspired Ideas


I have spoken at many stand alone events, but the most requests I receive are to do one of the following:

One-Day Event

(such as Saturday 9:30 – 4:30 with a lunch break)

Two-Day Retreat

(such as Friday – Saturday)

Event Options

#1 Spiritual Intelligence Briefing

(One-Day Event)

The event is divided into four (4) 45-min.

Modules covering topics such as:

Where Are We On God’s Timetable

Understanding Our Gifts & Callings

The 3 Greatest Dangers We Are Facing Today

The Call to Heal



Popular Topics (continued)

  • Petitioning God for Your Kingdom Assignment
  • 7 Steps God Uses to Build His Leaders
  • The Keys to Generational Cleansing
  • The Call to Heal God’s Women
  • Reformation Through Marketplace
  • God’s Unique Call to People of Color

Event Options (continued)

  • #2 Divine Reset
    (One or Two-Day Retreat)

    This is a private retreat for women leaders, by invitation only, to seek the Lord for His direction, to deal with the disappointments we have encountered, heal the wounds endured over the many years of serving Him, and learn ways to deal with the craziness going on today. The setting is intimate, with time for interaction, personal ministry and learning from one another.
  • #3 Repairing the Foundations
    (Friday Night and All Day Saturday)

    This event addresses these five foundational needs:
    Patriarchal | Generational | Personal Call | Business Infrastructure | Your Kingdom Assignment