Meet Candace


I’ve been a cultural reformer through the arts since 1970 – as a writer, composer, producer, publisher, business consultant, marketplace minister and arts leader. At this stage in life, I want to share with others the keys that shifted me from a “career” to a “calling”.

What Makes Me Qualified


I’m not one to puff myself up with hype… but these are a few things you might find important:

  • I have spent 50 years walking with God, actively seeking Him and learning His ways.
  • I have an MBA and 30+ years experience helping people and organizations brand and position themselves in the business sector they are called to.
  • As an entrepreneur I have invested over $6 million in time and money in six business ventures. I speak from personal experience – the good, the bad and the ugly – and share my mistakes and lessons learned.
  • For 30 years I have chronicled the rise of women of color being called into deeper consecration. I foresee a move of God spearheaded by these women whom I believe are key to reforming our culture.
  • I have completed assessments from SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) and HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument), graduate certificates from the Hollywood Film Institute, Entertainment Producer’s Seminar with John Lee and Robert McKee’s Story Seminar, as well as an Instrument Rating as a Private Pilot from the FAA.
  • As an arts leader, I have served as President of the National League for American Pen Women, VP/Communications for Women in Film & Television International, and was a member of the Georgia Film, Video & Music Advisory Commission.
  • I am an ASCAP Composer and Publisher and CEO of auDEO Media Group, Inc. that publishes my books and training materials.
  • I have been teaching women since 2004 and was ordained for Marketplace Ministry in 2009.
  • I am a biblical forecaster who chronicles the signs that place us in the timeframe known as the “end of days” before the Messianic Kingdom, and how we can be better prepared.

Though I have won many awards in the various aspects of my career, what I’m proudest of is a four-word comment by a workshop attendee: “You’re the real deal!”

What I Can Do for You


Give you a biblical perspective where we are on God’s timetable and how long we have before the Day of the Lord.

Explain the recent rise of people of color and how it points to God’s unique place for them in the Latter Days.

Help you make sense of the sense of urgency you are feeling that this is your time but you’re not sure where and how to begin.

Impart principles on how to identify and excavate the unique gifts, talents and motivated abilities God has put inside you… how to overcome the obstacles you are facing… and develop a realistic game plan for how to get to the next step.

Show how generational healing can release the Abrahamic blessing in your family.

Explain the spiritual disciplines needed for cultural reformation.