September 24, 2020

Things are happening so fast in today’s world that I have chosen to begin using periodic bulletins to send out alerts.   My intent is to make readers aware of events, trends, people, or actual fulfillment of biblical revelation worth taking note of, so as not to be alarmed when something major happens.  The Lord wants us to be informed and alert.  Thus, from time to time, I will sense an urgency to communicate what these “signs” or “markers” mean and what God-fearing people should consider doing as a response.

August 19, 2021

This bulletin is the transcript of my recent podcast, “COULD THE VACCINE BE THE MARK OF THE BEAST?”  As a spiritual forecaster and biblical interpreter of the times, my “gut” has been telling me for some time that something isn’t right and no one is asking this critical question.  I bring it up because there are far too many similarities between today’s vaccine and the biblical Mark of the Beast as found in the book of Revelation.  I want to assure listeners and readers who may have taken the vaccine that this is not a fatalistic message.  In fact, it is a message of hope.  You can download the entire transcript of this podcast.

January 4, 2022

This bulletin is the transcript of my podcast, “How Vaccine Paves Way for the Mark of the Beast (and How to Demolish the Road).”  In it, I present biblical evidence from the book of Daniel to show how the vaccine rollout appears to fulfill perfectly a prophecy that was written over 2500 years.  Before we examine this Daniel prophecy, I will share two important Hebraic principles that will help you interpret metaphorical language such as dreams and visions.  This is a timely message of hope for those who may have taken the vaccine, presenting biblical principles on how to dismantle this dangerous “pathway under construction.”  By clicking, you can download the entire transcript of this podcast.